You hear the term “ebook” often nowadays, but what exactly are they? People have many questions about what an ebook is and why. Such as, why would anyone want own one? What are they good for? And what makes an ebook more desirable than a regular print book?

Here are the answers to all of those questions, and more…

The definition of an ebook is simply an electronic version of a print book, hence “E” for electronic. Most commonly saved as a PDF file so that it is compatible with any operating system. PDF files can be viewed and read using a PC and/or a MAC computer. Saving the ebook as a PDF file is the most universal method.

Ebooks are acquired by downloading these PDF files onto your computer or ebook reader device. They are available for downloading from diskette, CD, or from the INTERNET. The download process from the INTERNET varies according to the speed of your INTERNET connection.

Electronic books can be free to download or most commonly purchased at low costs, although most bestseller ebooks have similar pricing to that of hardcover print books.

People want ebooks because of their convenience. While you can carry a few print books in a backpack or a bag, you can carry over a half a million pages of text and graphics on a single electronic book reader.

People enjoy the features of a PDF file when reading electronic books. Some features include book marking pages, highlight specific passages, save selected text, and make notes. All of which you can easily do with traditional print books, but all in one place, without pens, and additional paper.

Ebooks are good for people with busy lives, people attending college and those who are in need of specific information immediately.

As many types of traditional print books that are out there, there are just as many electronic books, if not more.

Many thousands of writers are published each year. But of the thousands of talented writers that aren’t lucky enough to have a publisher, there is the INTERNET. It is vast source of information with endless ebook possibilities. All authors and writers are now able to create and publish their own books online, which are sold from their websites and in ebook stores on the INTERNET. Alternative methods of delivery are diskettes, USB memory sticks or CD ordered from bookstores, and/or over the INTERNET.

There is a great advantage in the interactive ebook world; all you need is an idea and the will to do it yourself.

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