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Come share our passion: the written word and developing authors.

Who? — I am Claude Vosloo, word artist and incurable bibliophile. Since 2009 I started my own venture, mainly to provide for my family. By doing this I realised a deep-felt idea that I have kept in my heart for some time. I envisaged a consultation service that covers my multiple skill-set as editor, co-writer, writer and content-creator. This resulted in the establishment of: Home of Creativity/Kreatiwiteitshuis ULTD.

When? We have been in the market for three years, and have already altered the services to publishers and aspiring and regular writers. Our strategy of conceptualisation and ‘ghost’-writing brings a distinct difference to publishing and being a writer.

Where? Situated in the picturesque “Valley of Wagons” this Home of creative text resides in Wellington, heart of the Cape Winelands, rubbing shoulders with the enigmatic Swartland, in Western Cape, South Africa.

Why? We understand that text is not merely “stuff to read”. Text is actually someone’s inner person packaged into different media. Therefore we also take care of the person while catering for the text. We offer not only editorial and publishing skills gaining from 20 years of experience. We render personal mentoring. Throughout those years I have identified, developed an guided scores of aspiring and regular authors, some who have also become close friends. Sometimes I even rewrite copy and restructure seemingly defunct concepts for publishers.

How? What do I do different? At your service is an experienced ‘text-contractor’ and personal creativity consultant or text-mentor. If you have a story to tell, I’ll help you get it across and may even connect you to a publisher. Or we can have a crack at e-books.

What? My track record reflects my knowledge and experience in the manipulation of the written word and maximising authors’ skills. I have managed various processes for publishers, secular and spiritual/esoteric. This includes reconstructive editing, content-creation and ghost-writing. I also act as creativity consultant to tertiary institutions country wide.

For a full resume of such highlights – publications and ‘ghosting’ projects – do inquire at

Contact us, not only to become a new client, but rather a text-friend, entering with us into a long-term relationship with mutual benefits, but also a life changing experience along the way.


1. How do I contact you?
Go to the page ‘Contact’ on this website. There you can access my contact information. You could either make use of the e-channels, such as e-mail, my Facebook page and my Skype no, or contact me on my mobile phone.

2. How can I leave a comment?
I would truly appreciate it if you would leave something behind from your first visit to our Home of Creativity/New Author Services. To leave a comment, you should first register. Click on the Register key. Then you can choose your password or the system will provide you with one. Thereafter follow the intructions. This may seem like an unneccesary cumbersome entrance to our Home, but it is actually in order for me to screen the comments that are posted on this website. You can appreciate that we do live in a strange, strange world and unfortunately need such safety catches.

3. How do I know if I will cut it as a writer?
Sometimes people are afraid to follow the path of the ‘author’. They often think that this implies a highly technical action and skill-set that they cannot match. The main point of writing is not to go all out and produce a best-seller. You only need the urge to tell your story, whether it is your own life story, of a narrative that conveys your inner self, your philosophy of life or your view of the world. Even your take on specific themes or your assesment of society at large can be a launching pad to write down your thoughts and … eventually processed them into a book.

4. If I have a story to tell and an idea for a book, and need guidance, how do I go about it?

I will commit myself to act as your ghost-writer or text-mentor throughout. The best way is to send me your concept (book idea) or preliminary thoughts on this book to be. I then can form an idea and help you devise a plan. I could also provide you with a design on the basis of which to plan ahead. Then I will also give the preliminary assesment of the concept or manuscript.

– If I deem the concept not viable or I do not see my way open to help you with this project, I will be frank beforehand and the preliminary literary overview will be done free of charge. In other words, the first overview will cost you nothing, only postal tariffs, if you send me hard copy.

– If I indeed find your concept or manuscript publishable, we can move on to the preliminary stage of the process where I guide you as a writer. For this preliminary stage I charge a once-off fee and deliver a comprehensive conceptual review or critiquing of manuscripts (in each case providing a form with recommendations as to structure and texture).

5. What would be the MO if I already have a manuscript to present?
By presenting a full manuscript, you move the process along. Send the manuscript to my contact adress. You can either post the hard copy to my postal adress or email it to me (see ‘Contact’ page). I would, however, prefer packages by registred mail that I can pick up at the post office. Registred mail also gives the assurance that the parcel will not be lost. If you have your manuscript in PDF format, I would recommend that you make a Word copy of it as well and send it to my email adress. If I am provided a manuscript I can screen your writing efforts and critique the content. My recommendations will be the basis on which to lead you through the publishing stages.

6. How would we proceed after I have contacted you and we have agreed on a quote?
In guiding you through the processes from concept/manuscript to clear text/final proof, I will follow basic stages. I work in terms of a framework that generally entails three stages. However, if there is no manuscript, but only a concept or book idea, I add a preliminary stage, making it four stages.

1. Conceptualisation: Formulating the concept and assessing the viability to provide new insight and dimension to the specific literary genre that you choose and the specific target group. This includes investigating/providing different options and establishing a general narrative frame. The aim is to compile a text that satisfies you and which slots into your goals as aspiring writer. (When an aspiring author has already provided a completed manuscript, I start from the second stage as explained below.)

2. Structuration: Building the concept within a larger framework and structure by focussing on the necessary literary functions – plot, rationale (identity, time, space, context, typology), character building, motoric moments, dramatic twists, catharsis, aims and goals, possible scenario’s/outcome.

3. Operationalisation: Applying the concept within the text, stylistic recommendations regarding lay-out and systems, sorting of chapters, preface and resume, fine-tuning the narrative and attention to sub-text or meta-narrative (the story behind the narrative).

4. Publication: Processing of the text, editing, stylistic packaging, proofreading and final grooming (normal text processing and language grooming services). This includes the services of a co-worker for the proofreading, or the ‘second eye’. It is a known fact that editors cannot proofread their own input, seeing that they read from memory. Therefore, Home of Creativity guarantees professional text processing services with quality control.

7. How do you manage the stages and when can I expect to see developed text ?
I handle each stage (that is, after the prelim, ‘Conceptualisation’) like a builder completing a construction, with three instalments each according to how many hours I have to allocate.

– After each of the first three stages I deliver you ‘textual results’.

– Through all of the stages you are in charge of your own text, I am only the facilitator and publishing expert acting as your mentor.

– If you want to end the relationship at any stage, you have this ‘escape clause’. I would then only expect remuneration for my hours spent on the project in that stage.

8. What other channels or avenues do you offer for publication?
I am in partnership with a web-guru with 11 years of experience in social networking. Through him we can provide the additional channels of e-marketing (social networks and organic marketing of the product, by establishing you as an author on the web) and also the avenue to launch your own e-book, which is unquestionably the future of publishing.

9. What follow-up services do you provide?
Seeing that you are now part of our Home of creative text, your are free to drop in at our website at any time. I continually post hints and hot tips for authors and aspiring text processors on this site. After I have ‘ghosted’ you and have assisted you in publishing your book, I will not break off contact. As your text-mentor, who is a party to your mannerisms as author, your style of writing, as well as your writer’s persona, I will be on hand for consultation and if you need a sounding-board for future endeavours. This will be free of charge and as a courtesy to you. When you have become part of our Home, we include you in our Friendship Circle where we are loyal to our long term text-friends.


Do you have that all-pressing story to tell?
Was your manuscript turned down again?

Maybe we can help you …
Through Home of Creativity Ultd I have altered the face of text processing, seeing that I provide a full skill-set as publisher and text contractor, creating books from concepts. I render the following services to aspiring as well as regular authors:
– screening of manuscripts, assessing their viability for publication
– critiquing concepts, frameworks and fully worked out manuscripts for publication
– acting as liaison between existing publishers and authors (new or regular)
– acting as text-mentor and technical consultant to authors (concept to clean text)
– guiding authors through the processes of publishing a book
– processing of text and ‘normal’ language practices
– handling of projects as ghost-writer through basic stages
– assisting in restructuring/rewriting seemingly defunct book concepts
– e-marketing and publishing e-books in partnership with a web-guru
I see myself as a facilitator of text creativity, that grey stuff, which dances in one’s cranium. Or in another sense, I view my practice as being the choreograph for the theatre of the mind. For specifics, see my FAQ’s.

Tip of the day

We do not merely see text as symbols on paper, rather someone’s inner person processed and presented in the written word; or a person’s deep-felt passions pasted on paper. There exist a delicate relationship between editors and authors, starting with distrust and needing to build trust gradually. Authors tend to view editors as child molesters stalking their child (their content) at the playpen.

Contact me :

Home of Creativity/Kreatiwiteitshuis
Wellington 7655
Western Cape
South Africa

Cellphone: 076 456 1267
Landline: 021 864 3580

E-mail: or
Skype: Claude.Vosloo1


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