Welcome into our Home of Creativity Our business is the processing of text and ideas….

We needed to reconstruct and basically reinvent text management to maintain a  sustainable service. We did this by designing a freelance venture to run our full skill-set. Thereby we realised a new concept of not merely language practitioner or text processor, but that of text-contractor. In the same way that a building contractor is able to construct a home from bricks and carpentry, we vow to  build up a book from a concept and copy. This takes place through the managing of certain processes that result in a successful publication. To accomplish this process, Home of Creativity has opened up three portals:

Text Friends – guaranteed processed clean text and experienced copy writing

Idea-Finders – creative concepts, developing new products and management of processes in publication

Edu-Partners – expert consulting regarding academic material and guidance of lecturers and students

  • Lecturers: Guidance with Module Outcomes, Calendars, study guides (structured in accordance with level descriptors) , assistance with the structure, rationale and packaging of research articles as well as theses and papers. Get the full treatment: Language grooming, text processing, translation (English to Afrikaans and vice versa) as well as stylistic standardisation.
  • Students: Help with text processing, structure and lay-out of assignments, dissertations and theses. The whole package: text, language, arguments and stylistic grooming.

Throughout we promise full confidentiality, take pride in meeting deadlines and guarantee a “second eye” monitoring the text to ensure quality control. Out motto: If you are satisfied with our wholesale deal, talk to others; if you are  unsatisfied, speak to us and we will put effort into this until we both benefit. This is our HoC-pledge. Contact us by e-mail: info@homeofcreativity.co.za

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