We would like to welcome you into our Home and to share our passion: language, text and concepts.

We have been in the market for seven years, and have already altered the services that language practitioners render. Our strategy brings a distinct difference to publishing. Situated in the picturesque “Valley of Wagons” this Home of creative text resides in Wellington, heart of the Cape Winelands and contented neighbour to the enigmatic Swartland, in Western Cape, South Africa.

I am Claude Vosloo, word artist and incurable bibliophile. Since 2009, I started my own venture to provide for my family. By doing this I realised a deep-felt idea that has simmered in my heart for quite a few years. I envisaged a freelancing service that covers my multiple skill-set as editor, co-writer content-creator as well as lecturer, academic guide and researcher. This resulted in the establishment of: Home of Creativity/Kreatiwiteitshuis ULTD.

We understand that text is not merely “stuff to read”. Text is actually someone’s inner person packaged into different media. Therefore we also take care of the person while catering for the text. We offer not only editorial and publishing skills gaining from 20 years of experience.  As publishing experts and consultants we offer the best of both worlds to aspiring authors, publishers as well as  to lecturers and students regarding academic material.

Our track record reflects our knowledge and experience in the manipulation of the written word. We have managed various processes for publishers, secular and spiritual/esoteric. This includes  reconstructive editing, translating and ghost-writing. We also acted as creativity consultant and research assistant for universities and other academic institutions. For a full resume of such highlights – publications and projects – do inquire at voslooc@telkomsa.net.

What do we do different? We offer you a full range of  text creative services in a wholehearted new way of processing. At your service is an experienced text-contractor and personal creativity consultant vowing to help raise your endeavor to a new level of excellence.

Contact us, not only to become a new client, but rather our text-friend, entering with us into a long-term relationship with mutual benefits, but also refreshing surprises along the way.

E-mail: info@homeofcreativity.co.za

Druk hier om hierdie bladsy in Afrikaans te lees.

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