Remember the date 18 April 2011

Will this date live on to infamy? As the saying goes, watch this space.

It continually intrigues me how the realm of IT-speak seems to have turned the world of things upside down. Usually one would speak of a launch site, in the sense of the site where the “revealing” of a newly constructed vessel takes place to the world at large, a vessel such as a space-craft or a ship … Titanic III? Let’s not go there – a prepaid De Luxe tour to watch stray icebergs from a different vantage point to sea-level? Or maybe a crash-course in arrogance management?

In this instance we are not referring to a launch site, rather a site launch, and nobody blinks an eye, not even the MD of the DIA (International Dyslectics Anonymous?? ). Such is the way of words, playful and even downright mean – applying a spear tackle to terms we have become accustomed to. Therefore we are happy to invite you to our site launch, the launch of our new website, Home of Creativity/Kreatiwiteitshuis ULTD, revealed to the world at large. Why Unlimited? In the realm of creativity and processing of ideas and techniques of wordplay, the sky knows no limit. That is part of our HoC-pledge to (unsuspecting) clients – be prepared to see your dreams turn into text that changes lives.

The launch (of the site!) was precipitated by a week of fruitful exchange of, not only ideas, but of horizons: the environment of hard copy, to that of micro-waves conveying ideas and meaning. This website came into being after a hesitant phone call to Gerald Crawford of webcraft [Gerald, insert link]. In his no-nonsense approach this webmaster immediately took the masterful text-constructor onto a crash-course in web-construction. I contacted webcraft on Wednesday 13 April, and we launched HoC on the following Monday of 18 April. And, seeing that events are moving forward so rapidly, there’s no question of a Ground Hoc-day! (With recognition to that heart-warming movie.)

We have established our own IT-Home for creative text endeavours centering around the world of words and concepts = text and copy in the making. We hereby aim to attract all like-minded book-lovers and text-friends (even text-fiends!) to our hungry abode (hungry to serve society by mediating meaning).

If you happen to stumble onto this page as a prospective client, remember this. We regard you as much more than a stray IT-powered finger traversing the World Wide Web. When you enter our Home, you become a fellow text-friend. So, hereby we invite you to join our Friendship Circle as co-“marvelor” at the wonder of words. Choose the portal that speaks to your basic text-need:
Text Friends ULTD (all about the processing of ideas)
Idea Finders ULTD (all about the cultivation of concepts)
Edu-Partners ULTD (all about consultation towards excellence)

Enter through the portal that you choose. Hopefully you will discover your heart anew and in time become part of the furniture in our creative cottage.

If you prefer to pass the portals by for now, bide your time and visit us again on your own time. You are most welcome. Keep us in mind and leave something behind by which we can remember your brief drop-in for an IT-visit, such as a comment if you may.

Claude Vosloo

Text-contractor and knowledge practitioner

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