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Happy to anounce the birth of a new baby – just in time for Christmas.

At times the pre-natal stress was quite severe, but I guided the “subject” through the processes up to the double swing doors of the maternity ward. I just got news of a perfect birth without any complications. I am a proud and contented surrogate father.

I ‘ghosted’ an author through the full process from raw manuscript to the birth of this book on behalf of Benedic Media. The book ‘Die Grensoolog in ons binnekant’ covers the inner struggles of a father trying to come to terms with the death of their son in the ill-famed ‘Bush war’ or ‘Border war’ in Jan 1984. He also had to endure the sickness and later death of his wife who suffered from Parkinsons. Being a local pastor from the Strand/Somerset West basin, Rev. Klasie Steenkamp recorded his inner struggle and his pained path to a new taste for grace and remembrance which tightened the bond with his kin. I suggested a broader narrative context of: How to cope with severe loss through faith. We treated the autobiographical parts as filling and ‘hinges’ to present this narrative of a family getting to grips with sorrow and bereavement and finding the glimpses of Graceful daylight shining through their grief. We gave the reader licence to tune into the innermost thought processes of the family who had to carry on with their life.

Wordsworth in Somerset Mall has taken the first batch.

Looking for that last Christmas gift, are you in the vicinity of Somerset West? Maybe consider this book – it is a endearing story written from the heart of a grieving parent and life companion who learned to understand his own heart and embrace new life.

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