Writing an ebook can seem like a scary task. As with any new project you embark upon, you will need certain things before you start. Before attempting to play basketball, you will need a ball and hoop. The same goes for writing an ebook. You will need a computer, access to the INTERNET, word software, and direction.

Let’s begin with the software, assuming of course that you have access to a computer and the INTERNET. One of the most popular and professional ebook compilers is Acrobat Acrobat. This software makes it quite easy to create a PDF file of your manuscript and comes with lots of great features.

I recommend starting with a traditional text or .doc format using Microsoft Word, or some other word program that you prefer or have access to.

Once you have your software ready to go, you need to decide what you are going to write your ebook on, like whether you are going to write a book for business promotion, to advance your career, for school, or simply for financial gain. The topics for ebooks are endless.

Once you have your topic, it is time to choose a title. It is a good idea when deciding upon a title, to write down a few different ideas you have in mind. Once you have a few jotted down, you can look them all over and decide on the one that best fits your ebook. The title that you choose should give prospective readers a clear insight to what the content of your ebook will be.

Example: To the Sky – The Cars of the Future

Make sure your title is clear and that the prospective will be able to understand clearly what your ebook is about. The less confusion there is about its topic, the more likely people will purchase your ebook.

Next you will need to choose your audience. This is a very important step when writing because it depicts your writing style. Decide whether you are writing for adults, children, seniors, or the technologically correct, etc.

Writing Ebooks

Now you are ready to start writing. First you should write an opening statement, or your thesis statement.

This is written in four steps. Step one is your subject. Step two, your opinion on that subject. Step three, a supporting reason for your personal opinion. And step four, the significance of the first three steps. When creating your thesis for your ebook, it should be as specific as possible.

Now is time to create your ebook. Choose the layout for your document. This includes chapters, headings, introductions, and disclaimers if you’re writing a do it yourself guide. Pictures are a good idea to add to your ebook, along with testimonials to keep your reader interested.

Since ebooks are viewed on screens, it is a good idea to have many paragraphs. This makes reading easier on the eyes. You don’t want to use bold font throughout the entire ebook. This is harder on the eyes and creates blurring. So it is best to use a basic black font.

That completes the basic instruction on how to create and write an ebook.

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