Let’s quickly get into how you could find innovative ways to launch your book through web and get show off your book. And you never know – you could be the next best selling author, interesting?

Well, keep on reading to discover how it is possible:

Virtual book launch – When we’re talking about launching a book in a big way, how we could miss virtual book launch party. You just have to create a book launching party website and blog, inform and involve your readers about your new book. You can also run contest, include videos of author and guests, reviews, allow readers comments and many more things that fascinates and boosts the exposure of your book.

Setting up a table at busy street/ subway and transportation stations – Yes, these are places full of people; you don’t have to individually invite anyone. In fact, when you show off your book in a busy public place, interested people will approach you directly and ask about your book. Distribute business cards, sample copy of the best part of your book, posters, stickers or any other promotional material.

Stick to the theme of your book – If you have talked about a theme in your book, say main narration is in a park or maybe school, brainstorm and decide to have a party theme as that of your book. Create the feel of park or launch your party in a real park.

Facebook – Create a face book account for your book; build a strong, impressive profile page. Connect with other authors and book lovers or prospects, build a fan page and see the difference.

Twitter – Create a twitter account and follow similar mind people, tweet regularly about your book and give a way to read further more. Share reviews, customize your twitter page with you book cover, share links that talk about your book or you as an author, share a link from where people can buy your books.

Above all, your book is your dream; I understand you have many expectations from it. That’s why I want you to live your dream to the fullest and have a blast.

To your success!

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