Published 2012


A book on the end times for which I have helped to conceptualise this reprint in terms of a current theme: the end times in 2012. I managed the project by guiding 20 authors to help provide diverse angles of approach by experts on the theme. Scolars from different faith persuasions were knitted together for a broader picture on this issue. These include theologians, scolars in ancient languages and sociologians. I processed the text, provided ‘hinges’ to 2012-psychosis and co-writed some of the articles according to the needs of a specific target group – contemporary style and ‘mind-easy’ packaging of content. However, I kept the balance of delivering theological substance and scientific quality at the same time. Cut through the hyper-drama and the sensatioanalism of a typical millennium fever, and get the broader picture of the Biblical message interpreted for our times.

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